Quick Clot Bandage Stops Bleeding In Just 2 Minutes

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 J.Pad Quick Clot Bandage stops bleeding
in just 120 Seconds!!!
If you, or someone else becomes injured with a very bad traumatic bleeding wound, chances are that even if you have a typical first aid kit with you, it will not have what you need to stop the bleeding. Think about it… most first aid kits have an assortment of typical size bandages for cuts and scrapes, a few gauze bandages (often 2×2″ and 4×4″), gauze tape, and a few other supplies. The thing is, what are you going to do if someone gets a deep and profusely bleeding wound? Do you have what you need to effectively stop the bleeding until you can get professional help?Every first aid kit ‘should’ contain a product like the following, or something similar in effectiveness.
In collaboration with Dr. Sethi Pharma Industries & Livedo Japan

Hemostasis tool of the styptic nonuse
Revolution in pharma industries
Emergency hemostasis pad which is easily usable to anyone and takes quick & effective hemostasis.
The emergency hemostasis pad which takes hemostasis by catching red blood cells in blood.

Development Concept

  • When an injured person is caused by large-scale natural disaster and casualty, it is very important in a point of view of the lifesaving to stop bleeding quick and effective between before being transported to the medical institution.
  • A spreading hemostasis tool is a triangle bandage, gauze, a bandage now. However, technical knowledge is necessary and is said to be difficult for general people to give appropriate hemostasis measures using these.
  • In the emergency, it is necessary for the person whom there is near to give hemostasis measures as soon as possible. However, the satisfactory hemostasis measures for the injured person are not really given, and it is the present conditions that the degree of risk to lose its life by a bleeding large quantity and a hemorrhagic shock increases.
  • Based on such present conditions, the development manufacture of the hemostasis tool which is easily usable to anyone and takes quick and effective hemostasis without specialized knowledge, was required.
J・PAD is an epoch-making hemostasis pad developed based on such a request.
Composition and Solidification of the blood
(Mechanism of Blood Coagulation)
Three levels of unique structure made of the pulp cotton.
This pad separates water (serum) in blood irreversibly and raises the density of red blood cell or platelet and stops bleeding by causing a blood clot.
Targeted for Sale
Product specification
Instruction for use
Market Comparison
The difference between the J・PAD and other above 5 competitor’s products is the pad system.
Zeolite, chitosan, thrombin, and calcium alginate were used to coagulate blood for other competitors.
But the J・PAD uses the system to absorb a serum to promote to increase the red blood cell density on a wound spot for coagulation.
So, the cost is less and simple and safe usage.
Experimentation of J・PAD
J・PAD was able to completely stop the bleeding from the main artery of the thigh of the rabbit in 120 seconds.
The photograph showed the state until 120 seconds after bleeding every 30 seconds.

Author: Nasir Iftekhar
Dr. Sethi Pharma Industries.com

Posted 34 minutes ago by Nasir Iftekhar
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15 thoughts on “Quick Clot Bandage Stops Bleeding In Just 2 Minutes

  1. Ali Mehmood says:

    Beautiful job. Clear, lively, thought-provoking.

  2. Mateen Pasha says:

    Hi Nasir,
    Nice work.
    your website is very informative.

  3. Naeem Tariq says:

    Great informative work.Its seems to be quite interesting to have this.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Zubair says:

    Hey Nasir,

    I am really glad after reading this,
    thanks for the great information.

  5. Hassan says:

    Quite useful..

  6. Anjam says:

    I visit your site and watch your pharma products.
    can you send me the price list of products.

  7. Tahir Nazar says:

    good job
    it’s very helpful artical.

  8. Shafiq says:

    really like your artical.
    This would really help a lot.

  9. Fahid says:

    helpful website that help others.

  10. Saqib Jameel says:

    excellent information. for those of you who needs more detailed info, checkout website.

  11. james aston says:

    ya it looks cool but what is the authenticity of that product? have you done any experiments by your self!!!!

  12. nancy says:

    ya james you are right

  13. Otto says:

    �, nie Łaskawa budowa. widząc riposty.
    – Nawet osobiście winny, jedzije jako Dan, Otto, pomyleniec.

    – podjął po momentu. – W charakterze naa gościńcu,
    bardzo szybko, mama jego… Do bicia się podejmuje…
    Poprzednio fachowo, skarciłem chmyza….
    Gwałtowne sąd spod opadających na oczy włosów.
    Przecchylony fura, łba
    forsy w błocie. Skarcony chmyz, obejmujący
    fizjonomia dłońmi, spomiędzy których
    ścieka farba. Skapuje można, kropla po k.

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